The Top 9 Star Rating Plugins That Will Take Your Affiliate Conversions To The Next Level

In today’s digital world, everyone is a potential reviewer or critic on their own, and the opinions you share online carry a lot of weight. Because you run a website, you are technically considered a “expert” in your field, and your opinion carries more weight than the ordinary review left on Amazon. Star ratings are one thing that will unquestionably add an element that is simple to comprehend to the review sites that you have. In this article is going to explorer about to find what are the list of  best WordPress rating plugin for your WordPress blog site.

A reader can know at a glance if you recommend the product to them or not, as well as the reason for your recommendation. Because of this, star rating plugins have the potential to significantly boost the effectiveness of affiliate websites.

If the appropriate meta data is included, star ratings can even show up in the results of a Google search. That indicates a greater CTR in the search engine results pages. Product review keywords are among the most competitive terms in search engines; therefore, including anything distinctive in your search meta can provide you an advantage, even if you are not ranked number one on page one.

Best WordPress Rating Plugin - wordpress plugin

A better click-through rate may be achieved by obtaining stars on the search engine results pages. The cumulative effect of having a higher click-through rate (CTR) and higher on-page conversions will result in your website beginning to generate more revenue. Your conversion rate has the potential to increase by a factor of two or even three simply by using star ratings.

In my opinion, the following nine star rating plugins for WordPress are the best of the best. If you think you have a better suggestion, please put it in the comments section below. I’ll look into it, and if it’s a good fit, I’ll add it to the list.

9 Best Star Rating Plugins

1. Gd Rating System.

Best WordPress Rating Plugin - GD Rating System

Price: Starting at (Free) – Single (49USD per year), – Freelance (79USD per year), – Studio (129USD per year), 
– Agency (199USD per year)

You’ll find that the WordPress community is home to a wide variety of rating plugins, but GD is among the most technologically advanced of them all. It was designed to handle pretty much any kind of comprehensive rating system for a website, encompassing pretty much every aspect of content rating while still preserving its simplicity and running in a smooth manner.

To begin, GD Rating System supports all of the fundamentals that are required in any rating plugin, such as star ratings and other features. However, what makes this specific plugin stand out from the others is the abundance of add-on features that may transform a website’s rating system into something similar to what you might find on some of the more popular websites (most particularly social media).

It gives you the ability to integrate articles and comments, set your own rating standards, list comments according to how highly rated they are, and display widgets on your site that show visitors your rating lists depending on those ratings.

In addition, GD is compatible with feeds, which will make it easier for you to manage the presentation of your material in addition to the ratings. You, as an administrator, would be provided with a feed or log that displays the votes and ratings that have been made on your content in the order in which they were made, along with the opportunity to restrict ratings as you see fit.

The amazing thing about all of these capabilities is that they are quite simple to put into action, even if you have never before executed a single line of code in your entire life. You can run basic lines of code that you can find online with one of the add-on capabilities of GD called a shortcake UI plugin, which allows you to run small lines of code along with your content in the regular text editor that comes with WordPress.

It is important to note that the GD Rating System runs on templates that are comparable to those that are provided by WordPress. This provides it with the highest possible level of compatibility with the platform as a whole. The fact that this plugin contains a large number of features means that mastering it can require some effort and time.

2) The WP Review Pro Plugin.

Best WordPress Rating Plugin - WP Review Pro

Price: $67.

This plugin, which is made available by MyThemesShop, is absent from almost all of the lists that are titled “top WP rating plugin.” That is a fairly strange thing to say, considering that this rating plugin is one of the most popular, if not the most popular overall. The first of these reasons is that the free version of the plugin has a great deal of functionality that is normally exclusive to paid plugins.

It operates at a magnificent rate, and if you have ever used any of the inferior plugins, you will know that rating plugins, in particular, can slow down your website if you don’t choose ones that are correctly created. This is not the case with this plugin.

Installing it allows you to provide your users the ability to rate your content, items, images, and so on, and you have the option of being rated based on a star system, a percentage system, or a points system. WP Review is very modifiable according to your preferences in general, and not just in terms of the several rating systems it supports.

You have an unlimited number of color and styling options, and with some straightforward CSS alterations, you can add to it the style that would easily complement the overarching concept of your website with the utmost convenience. When it comes to the presentation of your ratings to people who visit your website, this is a very important consideration.

Many people have the false belief that because WP Review is appealing to inexperienced WordPress users, the plugin must be of low quality and geared toward beginners. This is not the case. Despite its user-friendliness and the fact that it does not involve any coding on the user’s part, it is actually quite advanced, even when compared to rating plugins that have a more complicated interface.

3. Taqyeem.

Best WordPress Rating Plugin - Taqyeem

Price: $29.

This one is really fascinating, and the main reason for that is the fact that it is the one that I use on most  of my websites. The persons who were responsible for developing Taqyeem certainly put a lot of emphasis on the aesthetics of the language. The plugin provides all of the features that are necessary to set up a fully functional rating system that your site users will be interested in viewing. Despite the fact that this component is critically important, the majority of plugins continue to ignore it entirely. Ironically, a poorly designed rating system may actually hurt your ability to convert customers.

Taqyeem gives you the ability to design a genuine advanced rating system (stars, percentages, or points) while also giving you management over a limitless number of color and typography possibilities. It supports more than 500 of Google’s web typefaces and will automatically insert the schema meta data in order to obtain you star ratings, percentage ratings, or points in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

The ratings that are obtained from your visitors are fed into the microdata, which in turn feeds your SEO rich snippets that people will see in Google. As a result, if you are ranked, you will undoubtedly experience an advantage in the form of more clicks if you utilize this plugin.

It is also simple to translate in the event that you operate a website in a language other than English or in multiple languages. By the way, in reference to translations, the word “rating” is spelled “Taqyeem” in Arabic.

On one of my other websites, I’ve noticed that installing this extremely inexpensive and helpful plugin had a positive impact on conversion rates.

Although there are a few drawbacks, this plugin is one of my favorites, and it’s rather simple to operate. To begin, you will need to obtain a separate plugin in order to have predefined criteria for the various types of style evaluations. You might, for instance, devise unique grading methods to apply to the many categories of products offered on your website.

Additionally, in order to have buttons incorporated, you will want YET ANOTHER plugin. At the moment, the operation of my current review and rating system is being handled by three plugins that were developed by Taqyeem. They have a badass appearance, but for the sake of simplicity and speed, I’d like them integrated into a single plugin.

In addition, in order to update, you will need to manually upload the update file over FTP, which is a very annoying process.

4. YASR.

Best WordPress Rating Plugin - YASR

Free is the price.

The name of this plugin, “Yet Another Stars Rating,” is an abbreviation for the phrase. It is extremely usual to give things names like “YARP” (which stands for “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin), for instance. Despite the fact that the person who named it doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about it, this plugin actually includes some pretty intriguing capabilities. It utilizes the JQuery plugin known as RateIT as its foundation. In the event that you are unaware of what this entails, allow me to explain it to you.

You are able to run a multi-aspect rating system on your website by using YASR. This means that for each piece of content you can create a set of aspects to your content (for example, entertainment, brevity, engagement, and so on) so that your visitors can rate your work based on each aspect individually.

After that, it determines an average rating by taking into account these elements and the value that an administrator like yourself assigns to each of them. After that, the ratings are indexed by search engines, who use them in rich snippets when displaying results. All of that can be triggered by using basic shortcodes, which are quite easy to find online and can be used in any way you like.

The design of the plugin is quite simple, as can be seen in the screenshot that is located above, but it accomplishes what it sets out to do. To begin with, this is not a terrible choice if you are working with a limited budget.

5. Woocommerce Product Star Rating And Review.

Best WordPress Rating Plugin - WooCommerce Product Star Rating and Review

Price: $79.

This is a note for the persons who are in charge of running e-commerce websites. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to take your e-commerce website to the next level by providing your consumers with a feature that allows them to provide feedback on the things they have purchased, just as any advanced e-commerce website would.

Not only is it necessary for your own evaluation, but also Google likes to find such data on e-commerce websites and could use it to raise your ranking on its search engine and feed the rich snippets on your URLs. Not only is it necessary for your own evaluation, but also Google likes to find such data on e-commerce websites.

Fortunately, in contrast to the vast majority of other plugins for rating products, this one does not have any of the common flaws. You have the ability to select the kinds of customers who are able to rate your products. You probably do not want people who have never made a purchase on your website before spreading misleading information or spamming your space, and this plugin gives you the ability to establish these limits according to what you consider to be the most effective strategy for your website.

This WooCommerce plugin, as can be deduced from its name, provides consumers with the ability to review products once they have rated them. This is an added benefit that the majority of plugins in this category do not offer.

6. Ec Stars Rating

Free is the price.

When it comes to putting together the rating system for your website, here is a plugin that is not too complicated and not too heavy that will make your life really simple. It consists of nothing more than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Because we are able to claim with absolute certainty that this is most likely the lightest of all the worthwhile WP rating plugins, you do not need to be concerned about the possibility that it may cause your website to run more slowly. It will almost certainly not slow down the performance of your website in any way.

At the same time, you need to adjust your expectations in a somewhat reasonable manner. The only thing this plugin offers is a simple star rating system and the ability to check that users are not voting for themselves twice. You shouldn’t come to our site expecting a lot of fancy extras!

7. Five-Star Ratings & Reviews

Another plugin that gives you the ability to sense the pulses of your visitors in a stylish manner is shown here. One may refer to this as a rating plugin that serves multiple purposes. It is suitable for use as an e-Commerce platform, a website that publishes articles or blogs, a website that focuses on photography, or a website that is used for publishing photographs. It is possible to use it to let your readers comment on your content easily and give their ratings without causing the website to slow down.

Even though it’s called “Five-Star Ratings,” the shape of the rating icons can be anything you want it to be. The stars are just one possibility. In point of fact, most of its competitors are no match for this plugin specifically in this regard. Its dynamic icons are a feast for the eyes and can be customized to meet a variety of design aesthetics and application scenarios.

For instance, in addition to the stars, you also have forms in the form of thumbs up, ticks, hearts, and a great many more shapes. You may also personalize your own icons by uploading a picture in SVG format to use as a template. The five rating points that you receive can be divided, meaning that a user can give you a rating of “3.5 stars,” for example, which will award you improved rating accuracy.

Its e-commerce features are on par with those of plugins designed specifically for online shopping platforms like WooCommerce. Users have the ability to rate and review your products, and this feature, like the others, may be modified so that it will only accept evaluations that come after a purchase has been made.

You shouldn’t have any trouble modifying these parameters, and the plugin should be simple enough for you to set it up and use it on your website. You don’t have to be concerned about customers leaving numerous ratings because each IP address is only able to leave a single rating for each item of content or product.

8. KK Star Ratings.

Free is the price.

This plugin has been around for a very long time, and it appears to be supported by a team of rather capable individuals. The most recent version, 2.4, addresses many of the problems that were present in earlier versions. Through the use of this plugin, you have the ability to personalize the templates for the rating system, and you even have the option of selecting the number of points or stars according to which you wish to be rated. KK Star also gives you the ability to reset ratings whenever you like on any or all of your pages, as well as restrict ratings to only one per IP address for each post.

Additionally, it enables some very amazing animations, and in overall, its graphical user interface is of the highest caliber. You do not need to input a shortcode or go through a lengthy process in order to view your rating information if you are an admin. This plugin will give you with a visual button that, when clicked, will show you your figures as well as the averages for those numbers. If you are logged in as an administrator, you will also see a column on the side of your screen that displays your statistics.

This plugin offers an additional benefit to photography websites and blogs in the sense that it is an efficient instrument for bringing to the forefront the content that is proving to be the most popular. You are able to add a widget to the homepage of your website or on individual posts that will display a list of the pages on your website that have received the highest number of ratings. Additionally, it supports rich snippets from Google, which means that it will immediately assist your SEO.

9. Like BTN.

Best WordPress Rating Plugin - Like BTN

Prices range from free to $7.99 for Plus, $12.99 for Pro, $21.99 for VIP, and $31.99 for Ultra.

One thing that sets out this plugin from others is the fact that it is not, strictly speaking, simply that one plugin. Installing it not only grants you access to the capabilities that are unique to its rating system, but also grants you access to features that are exclusive to a few other WordPress plugins. You, for example, get to take advantage of the various user profile features that the UltimateMember plugin provides.

In this approach, you’ll be able to give your users the ability to build their own accounts and act as frequent critics of the stuff you publish. You will also have the functionality of the WooCommerce reviews plugin pertaining to product reviews.

In addition to this, you will have access to the capabilities offered by BuddyPress and bbPress, which will make it possible for you to create a full-fledged forum as well as social networks where your users may become active members and publish their own articles and comments. Installing the Like BTN plugin is all that is required to obtain access to this whole ecosystem; once it is done, you will be good to go. You can find all of the code that you would require to activate any of these capabilities on the website that is associated with the plugin.

When it comes to the ratings, you have access to all of the necessary customizing options. You have access to up to 80 rating parameters, from which you can choose; they can be viewed through 41 different themes; and they can be translated into 40 different languages. Every one of your ratings is recorded immediately after being submitted and is added to the Google rich snippets on our website. You have the ability to display lists of your material on the website, with each post’s position in the list being determined by the amount of likes it has received.

The plugin ensures that you are always informed of the most recent ratings and reviews that you have received at all times. Real-time data and voting statistics will be delivered to your WP Dashboard in a variety of formats, allowing you to select the one that works best for you.

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