There Are 13 Different Ways That A WordPress Website Might Generate Income For Its Owner.

It’s mind-boggling how many different methods there are to earn a profit using WordPress as your website platform. In its most basic form, what you have is a digital property with an infinite amount of potential. You can make an unlimited amount of money via the use of this website, in addition to the fact that there is an absurdly large number of various ways to earn money using it. Here is going to explorer about, how to make money from a WordPress website with 13 ways can I earn money form it?

Instead of the limited geographic region that may be covered by a brick and mortar firm, your prospective audience is the entire world of three billion people who utilize the internet. Each year, there are more people making purchases online, and each day, there are more people gaining access to the internet.

It is a really exciting moment to start a business, particularly one that is conducted online.

There is no doubt that operating a website may result in financial gain for its proprietor. The question is how much money you want to make, as well as the specifics of how you want to achieve that money.

Because of this, I’ve decided to put together a resource that will allow you to investigate many potential methods of monetizing your internet business, giving you the ability to choose the approach that will be most successful for you.

How To Make Money From A WordPress Website - WordPress Website

Oh, and what’s the deal with WordPress?

  • It is simple to put into use.
  • There is a significant amount of support from the community.
  • There is no shortage of developers accessible; but, it is unlikely that you will use their services.
  • Using various plugins and themes, personalization of this platform is simple.
  • Finding a server that is optimized for WordPress is not difficult.

So let’s get to it. Which of these seems like the most promising possibility for a business venture to you? Which approach would make the most effective use of your existing skills and experience?

There are thirteen different ways that a WordPress website might generate income for its owner.

1. Display Ads.

How To Make Money From A WordPress Website - Display Ads

Display advertisements are likely the simplest to understand and the most simple to put into practice. You have the option of joining advertising networks such as Google Adsense, Bing Ads, and MediaVine. Google Adsense is the most well-known of these networks. It is at no cost!

After that, all you have to do is get a little bit of code, paste it on your website in a few key locations, and they will serve up relevant advertisements to those who visit your page. You are compensated for each click.

Display advertisements are problematic in that you require a significant volume of website visitors in order to generate significant money from them. Even while a website that receives 3,000 to 5,000 visitors per day has the potential to earn its owner $36,000 annually, this is still a modest amount of money considering the amount of effort that went into creating the website.

Having said that, the number of individuals who use the internet is in the millions, if not the billions, and it is steadily increasing. Display advertisements are responsible for the income of certain people to the tune of more than $40,000 per month. The development of traffic may be a time-consuming process, which makes this aspect of blogging particularly challenging for newcomers.

If you generate a lot of content and are highly active in social media, this is an approach that has the potential to be successful over the long run.

2. Make Money Off Of Ad Space.

Another option of making money from a website that is straightforward and that you most likely already have some experience with is selling advertising space on the website. You need just ask for a certain sum of money from a business or manufacturer in order to promote their company or product on your website. There is a huge range of price points, from $5 per month all the way up to $5,000 or more per month, and everything in between.

To make a significant amount of money doing this, you will often require a large amount of website traffic or, at the very least, a respected brand name. They are presumably counting clicks and sales behind the scenes even though you want to charge advertising a lot of money for the pleasure of showing on your website. Despite this, you undoubtedly want to charge advertisers a lot of money.

If you are unable to provide one of these, then it is not a viable investment for their money.

Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you do not use this strategy right away while you are just getting started. Wait until you have at least a few hundred visitors per day and an audience that you can pitch that is relatively defined before proceeding. When the time comes,
is an excellent resource for establishing connections with marketers willing to pay.

3. Earnings from YouTube

How To Make Money From A WordPress Website - Youtube

You may generate advertising money from YouTube in the same manner as you would from display ads: Accumulate views, and you’ll be compensated for each click. Because YouTube is owned and operated by Google, it shares the same network as Google Adsense. If I were writing an essay about how to construct a website, then why would I be discussing how to make money on YouTube?

There is a well-kept secret that even the most popular YouTubers don’t seem to be aware of, and that is the truth that there is more to the internet than just viral videos.

People who are bored or need to learn something may often simply browse through internet video on sites like YouTube, which functions similarly to its own internal search engine. However, the vast majority of YouTube’s viewers begin their experience on the site by using search engines rather than the platform itself.

The creation of a website dedicated to advertising your content on YouTube confers not one but two benefits. First, if you can persuade people to watch your movies on your website, you will still make money from advertisements even if they do so. Two, you can include a link to YouTube on your website, which will direct more people to your channel on YouTube.

Because it is possible to integrate videos on your website, you have the potential to increase your revenue by double while also improving your ranking for the same term. Your website and video will both rank well as a result of your hard work. You may also make use of plugins to improve the appearance of your videos and the way they function on your website.

You’ll need more than a blank page with a video embed on it, but it’s not too difficult to create written content for a website page that goes along with the video and complements it. If you add supplemental material to the written page, you will be able to direct visitors from YouTube to your website, which will cross-pollinate subscribers and interaction on both platforms.

This tactic of “one hand aiding the other” is an effective one to employ. In addition to all of that, you can also supplement your website and YouTube channel with additional traffic-driving methods such as podcasts and social media.

4. Affiliate Links

How To Make Money From A WordPress Website - affiliate marketing

Writing informative articles and posting them on your website, which you then connect to other pages on your site that include related items and services is the fundamental concept behind what you are doing. Effective action can be taken in a variety of different ways, including the following:

  • Reviews of a product
  • How to’s and tutorials
  • Answering questions & solving problems

Product reviews are relatively plain explanatory, and you can utilize an article I wrote that details 15 different ways to convert product reviews into affiliate sales as a way to get started.

It takes a lot of work to generate how-and to’s tutorials, but if your instructions are clear and helpful, it may be an excellent approach to draw people in to buy whatever you used in the video. In preparation for my trip across the United States on my motorbike, I needed to devise a system for carrying extra gasoline for my bike. My purchase of the gasoline bottle and the bracket assuredly resulted in a commission for the YouTube video that taught me how to perform the aforementioned task and showed me how to accomplish it.

When it comes to attracting people to your website through the publication of free material, providing answers to inquiries and finding solutions to issues serve the same purpose. In the context of your post, you have the option of linking directly to books, goods, and services that address a specific issue, or you may link to evaluations of these items, which may have affiliate links in their citations.

Because your website is accessible around the clock and can be accessed by billions of people across the world, this is one of the most effective methods for generating passive revenue. After it has been published, a single piece that does well in the rankings may produce several thousand dollars in revenue. Because of this strategy, I am able to generate more than $10,000 in monthly revenue from a single website.

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5. Develop Your Own Original Digital Product.

Making your own digital product is a lot less difficult than it sounds like it would be. In reality, a digital product is nothing more than a product that can be downloaded, such as an ebook or a collection of films. They are able to be distributed to the public in a variety of formats, such as PDF, Kindle, films hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, applications, or software.

The majority of individuals choose to publish their work in written form because all that is required is a laptop and some kind of word processing software.

The knowledge is the main selling factor. It is possible to earn money by instructing people in a skill that you already possess, provided that you are proficient in the skill. This is true for pretty much any topic you could possibly think of. In all seriousness, anything will do. Here are some ideas completely at random:

  • how to construct a house for chickens.
  • how to treat ailments using only natural means.
  • how to properly make and serve tea in a variety of settings.
  • ways to get started with tasting whiskey.
  • instructions on how to cultivate tomatoes.
  • how to prepare meals in a kitchen with limited space.
  • ways to save costs when working for the minimum wage
  • ways to bring up children to be intelligent.
  • how someone with diabetes may successfully lose weight.
  • how to get a podcast up and running.

You can publish and sell just about anything online, whether it’s something you’re good at, something you like doing, or something you want to learn how to do. It will require some investigation to figure out things like where to publish and how to get it done. Publishing your work as a Kindle ebook is one option. Another option is to sell your goods by going through Clickbank or JVZoo and utilizing their respective platforms (meanwhile enticing affiliates to help you sell).

Depending on the sort of content and how much of it there is, you may set the price anywhere from $0.99 to over $99.

Why do you feel the urge to create a website? For the purpose of attracting customers to your goods.

Making something and uploading it to the internet won’t necessarily result in financial gain on its own. After the product is finished, you will need to perform advertising for it. This is something that you can easily do by producing articles relating to your topic and establishing yourself as an authority on the subject.

A website that focuses on weight reduction for working women may offer a recipe guide or a series of home gym training videos, while a website that focuses on do-it-yourself homebrewing could advertise a book of unique beer recipes. There are a number of additional sites available, such as
and, that provide you the ability to host your digital items.

6. Create Your Own Physical Product.

I have no prior knowledge with this subject matter, yet the fundamental operation of the digital product has not changed: How would you market the product once you really have it in your possession?

Having your own website is an excellent method to generate new business. If you operate a store on Amazon, you may broaden your customer base outside Amazon by optimizing the pages of your website for Google search results. You may even be able to dominate page 1 and considerably increase your revenue by ensuring that your Amazon product is displayed at the top of the search results page while also ensuring that your own website is displayed there.

The online marketplaces Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and CafePress are all excellent venues to launch a business (among others). You could even sell products directly via your own website if you integrated a credit card processing service or PayPal into your site. You may integrate these capabilities into your WordPress site with the help of one of the numerous plugins that are available for WordPress.

7. Electronic Commerce (Both Online And In Physical Stores).

Have more than one item that you wish to put up for sale? Have a traditional storefront that you’re interested in augmenting with an internet presence? You guessed it! Having an online store is the ideal option to begin making sales or to improve revenue from a firm that is already established.

An internet business can be established with absolutely no need for a physical retail location to support it in any way, shape, or form. You have the option of keeping goods at your home and shipping it yourself, or you may have a supplier “drop ship” it to you. You have the option of “white labeling” your items, which means having someone else make them while bearing your company’s name and emblem.

Are you getting the impression that things are going to be difficult to carry out? Some models of doing business are! However, the secret to generating money online is not to become an expert in everything; rather, it is to hone in on one way and execute it to a high standard. After that, you may expand your business either vertically to boost sales or horizontally to embrace other methods of selling.

8. The Use Of Podcasts

How To Make Money From A WordPress Website - podcast

Ha! This is a possibility that had not occurred to you. It’s possible to make a lot of money off of podcasts. Sponsorships bring in tens of millions of dollars annually for the Entrepreneur On Fire host. Joe Rogan’s massive popularity can be attributed to the global podcast interviews that he does.

Once more, we are faced with the problem of how to get your name out there so that sponsors would pay you to market their goods and services.

Having a website is a very effective strategy for expanding your brand’s reach. It is a no-brainer that you need a website to complement your new online radio program. Since WordPress is so simple to put up, and you can incorporate your podcast straight into your posting, it is a no-brainer that you need a website.

A video version of your podcast can also be uploaded to YouTube after it has been videotaped. Embed the video on your website and tweet a link to it with a hashtag that is relevant to the topic. You also have a plan for using social media at this point.

Are you beginning to understand how many of these different ways of producing money may be utilized to complement one another, so fostering the growth of your internet business?

9. Dropshipping.

How To Make Money From A WordPress Website - dropshipping

At this time, dropshipping enjoys a legendary position on the internet. It gives the impression of being simple because you get to send merchandise, but you are not required to actually handle any of it. With the help of an e-commerce plugin, you may open an online shop on either Amazon or eBay, or on your own website powered by WordPress. In this scenario, the item that you intend to sell would be kept in some sort of facility somewhere.

When a client places an order through your retail location, you collect the payment and then send the order along to the warehouse where the merchandise is kept for fulfillment. They will send the merchandise, and all you have to do is take care of the sales aspect of things. It seems like a rather hands-off approach, doesn’t it?

To begin, just like starting any other kind of business, it requires a significant amount of effort. You are responsible for locating the items, and it is possible that a minimum inventory purchase may be required; thus, your initial expenses will be greater than they would be if you engaged in affiliate marketing.

Regardless of where you choose to take orders, the most challenging aspect will undoubtedly be the generation of high-quality traffic to your sales sites. How do you plan to get people to visit your website? How do you intend to differentiate yourself from the other dropshippers on Amazon in terms of the quality and originality of your brand?

The dropshipping business concept comes with its fair share of difficulties, but once you get the ball rolling, it has the potential to be quite successful.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know too much about generating money with dropshipping; all I really understand are the fundamental notions. I just wanted to let you know that configuring your website in such a way as to drive visitors to an online store or to generate sales directly from your website is most certainly something that can be done.

10. Marketing on a Local Scale

This offers two benefits in one!

1. If you operate a local business, having a website may be of tremendous assistance to you in generating foot traffic, phone calls, and email queries about the items or services your company offers. Even though your rivals have websites too, you may provide your visitors a lot more satisfying experience on your own site by familiarizing yourself with WordPress.

When I search for local companies online, I am still surprised to find that many of them do not have websites, or the websites they do have seem like they were designed in the 1990s. The listings on Google are out of current, there are no photographs to go through, and there are broken links scattered across the website. It’s a terrible thing!

Consumers are able to get in touch with you more easily, which means you make more money, receive more reviews, and your business continues to develop from there. All it takes is a few easy steps to boost your online presence and make it simpler for customers to do so.

2. Even if you don’t own your own local business, you can still assist other local companies in doing everything I outlined up there. To gain those initial few clients, using this strategy does involve a lot of cold calling, a lot of emailing, and a lot of hard effort. If, on the other hand, you can get your foot in the door, it will be rather simple to generate recommendations and expand from there.

Therefore, in addition to developing and maintaining a website for your local customers, you have to develop and maintain a website for yourself as well. You will need to demonstrate that you are capable of developing websites and provide evidence that having access to a website that is attractive may contribute to a positive first impression. If you have a website for your company/business that prospective customers can look at, it will be much easier to persuade them that you are knowledgeable in your field.

Ranking well in search engines may help you bring in new customers, particularly if you have a blog that covers local events, engage in online marketing, and have a presence on social media.

11. Email Marketing (Build A List) (Build A List).

How To Make Money From A WordPress Website - Email marketing

This is almost certainly the most well-known method of earning money online. Have you ever come across the expression, “the money is in the list”? They are discussing the practice of gathering email addresses in order to send out promotional emails.

If you want to generate money with this strategy, the fundamental concept behind it is that you should provide an incentive of some form for people to sign up for your email list. It may be a free product, a coupon code for a discount, or the provision of exclusive insider knowledge.

You utilize a service known as an autoresponder to send a series of emails to the person once they have submitted their email address to you. These emails will be a combination of promotional content and content that is either helpful or intriguing. If you do this well, you may earn your reader’s confidence, which will allow you to generate money by recommending items or services that are connected to the subject they were studying when they signed up for your newsletter.

Making money with a WordPress website through the use of email marketing is a very effective strategy. Once you have that person’s personal contact information, presuming you run a great campaign, you have a good chance of keeping them as a client for many years to come, provided you keep in touch with them. That is a great deal more beneficial than making a single sale as a result of a blog post.

12. Increase The Amount Of Money You Make At Your Job.

Your new employer is going to conduct an internet search on you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a bi-weekly blog where you talked about your lifelong interest and how it just so happened to be relevant to the job that you’re looking for? That sounds like a far more interesting activity to follow than a Facebook feed of you partying on the weekends or pointless debates on Twitter.

Self-improvement shouldn’t end when you clock out at five o’clock in the evening if you want to be in a position to obtain a fantastic job and transform it into a profession that you will be enthusiastic about for the rest of your life.

A Walmart door greeter probably wouldn’t benefit from creating a work-related website, but if you are applying for a position as head brewer, you can bet your bottom dollar that a cool-as-hell blog about your homebrewing experiments, local beer tasting notes, and thoughts on the brewing industry is going to be a gold star on your job application!

How about a professor who maintains a website on which students may download free lesson plans to share with one another, or a researcher who blogs about his reactions to recent research in his field?

You may assist yourself negotiate a better wage by having a spectacular job application, which can include an outstanding website, and having a stellar website can be a part of that process.

Even if you’re currently in a job that you adore, devoting a portion of your spare time each day to expanding your expertise in your industry can, over the course of time, lead to the achievement of measurable goals. When everyone else is sitting down in the evening to watch Game of Thrones, you may be expanding your opportunities by conducting research online, reading trade journals, blogging about your craft, and perhaps even making videos to upload to YouTube.

This could present itself in the form of promotions, income rises, job mobility, or even simply overall leverage with your superiors.

13. Navigate Traffic At Any Location.

In most cases, it’s a smart move to have your own website (or several of them). No matter how much experience you have in the business world — whether you’ve already run several unsuccessful businesses, have successfully sold a company worth millions of dollars, or are just beginning to feel the tingles of wanting to start your own company — a website can be a way to direct your followers to the places you want them to go.

This post covers a wide range of subjects that we discussed. You have the option of directing visitors to a sales page that is hosted on your website, as well as to a store that is hosted on Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform on which you have a presence for your business.

You may use a website to boost the number of people who follow you on Twitter or subscribe to you on YouTube, or you can simply use it to rant about topics that interest you and be paid for each ad click you receive, even if you don’t sell anything at all.

A personal website under your name should be the bare minimum need for you to meet. You are not required to be a member of the generation that constantly overshares and talks about their darkest concerns. Having a positive presence online, even if it is only sometimes updated, can assist you in obtaining a better job, finding a suitable apartment, or laying the groundwork for some type of future networking opportunity.

The Closing Consideration

The very fact that you possess a straightforward WordPress website puts a vast amount of opportunity right at your fingers. It is an opportunity to create a business, build your brand, broaden your reach, or simply improve yourself as a person. All of these things are possible. Building your very first website and getting your business off the ground couldn’t come at a better time than right now.

The process of developing a website in 2019 is one million times less complicated than it was in 2006. Just try to fathom how dramatically the technological landscape will shift over the next ten years. If you have even the slightest interest in launching an online business or brand, you should get the ball rolling RIGHT NOW and continue to educate yourself as the market evolves. You will have a head start on the competition and be in a position of strength as this approach to making a living becomes more prevalent in the general population.

You may follow my free series of blogs that begin with selecting a niche issue if you would want to learn more about affiliate marketing, which is how I make money online. If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, which is how I earn money online, click here. That ought to get you started in the right direction with selecting a title and theme for your website, in addition to finding hosting, getting rated, and locating businesses with whom to collaborate.

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