Rocktomic Review – Is It A Scam Or A Legit Site?

Are you looking for Rocktomic reviews? Look no further. Is Rocktomic a scam or legit? Is it true that Rocktomic can assist you in starting an eCommerce business quickly and easily? This in-depth study of Rocktomic will provide you with thorough answers to all of your queries.

I’ve been doing extensive research on Rocktomic over the last few weeks, and I’m certain that I can tell you all you need to know about it. Due to the fact that I am not involved with Rocktomic, you can be certain that my opinions are completely unbiased.

At the conclusion of this assessment, I’ll also share with you a more effective business plan for generating passive money on the internet. In order to respond to the query, I’ll go through the following points in my Rocktomic review:

What Exactly Is Rocktomic?

Rocktomic is a firm that manufactures and distributes private label nutritional supplements as well as clothes for other brands. You can advertise the product under your own name if you manufacture it yourself.

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What they can do for you is acquire the supplement or clothes on your behalf, label it with your company logo, then process and fulfill the orders on your behalf. The concept is to make it possible for anybody to promote and sell a private label product without having to worry about inventory or delivery. Furthermore, you may purchase the goods at a discount and resell it at a higher markup to profit from the difference in price.

Rocktomic, in contrast to other business models that require you to purchase stock in bulk, store it, and ship it to consumers yourself, allows you to label your goods with your own brand and perform dropshipping directly to customers. That implies you will have a branded product, but you will not have to worry about inventory costs. A minimum order quantity is not required by the manufacturer in any circumstances.

In the event that a consumer purchases a product for you through your online store, Rocktomic will send the goods straight to the client on your behalf.

What Kind Of Products Can You Find At Rocktomic?

The Rocktomic line now includes over 150 private label nutritional supplements and clothing items that you may market.

The following are the categories of Rocktomic private label items that are currently available:

  • Weight Loss & Detoxification.
  • Men’s Beard Maintenance.
  • Women’s Health and Beauty.
  • Men’s Health.
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Pet Supplements are available.
  • Health in general.
  • Nootropics.
  • Premium Supplements are available.
  • Apparel.

You may browse through the whole product catalogs by clicking here.

What Is The Cost Of Rocktomic?

The usage of Rocktomic’s dropshipping service is not provided for free. For their services, you must pay a monthly subscription of at least $59 in order to use them. The following is the current pricing structure for their service:

However, the monthly price does not include the fulfillment charge or the cost of the products.

A logo design service is included with the $99/month plan if you want to go with them. This may not be essential because you may locate a more affordable designer on freelancer marketplaces like as Fiverr or Upwork, among other places.

Rocktomic’s most costly plan ($257/month) not only includes merchandise and fulfillment, but it also includes access to online marketing training. You will have access to 11 marketing courses and certifications thanks to a partnership between Rocktomic and DigitalMarketer, which is one of the top online marketing platforms. This partnership will help you expand your business even further. If you are unfamiliar with web marketing, this may be of assistance.

Is Rocktomic A Scam Or Legit? What Exactly Are The Issues With Rocktomic?

For legal reasons, I am unable to declare Rocktomic to be a fraud. However, the concept of Rocktomic may appear to be too wonderful to be true.

Without the assistance of Rocktomic, you would undoubtedly be required to create your own product and contact a manufacturer in order to have it manufactured. After that, you’d have to deal with logistics and warehousing difficulties, which would be time-consuming.

It is true that the notion of Rocktomic is not a new one. The most significant distinction between Rocktomic and other dropshipping business models is that you may have your own branding while still benefiting from the advantages of dropshipping.

However, even if it appears to be simple to do business with Rocktomic, there are a few things to consider before becoming a member:

1. It Is Difficult To Establish Trust While Marketing Supplements.

When it comes to purchasing vitamins, consumers are more careful than they are when purchasing other eCommerce items. Normally, they would select some well-known brands on the market in order to prevent any potential health risks.

Consequently, in order to be successful with Rocktomic, you must invest considerable resources on growing your brand identity and establishing trust with clients.

In order to do this, you may need to pay for certain influencers and run a large number of Facebook advertisements to persuade people that your product is both nice and safe.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of major names in this sector, so you’ll have to fight against them as well as with them. It follows that the question “why would shoppers choose your brands above other well-established companies?” must be asked.

2. There Is A Restriction On The Product Catalogue.

The ability to experiment with different items is critical to achieving success in dropshipping businesses. Because dropshipping items often have a short life cycle, a popular product that is now in demand will become obsolete or saturated very quickly.

If you choose to operate with Rocktomic’s private label approach, you will be restricted to selling nutritional supplements. When it comes to selecting what to sell, you have fewer flexibility. And if you are not interested in supplements, Rocktomic is not the right fit for you either.

3. The Monthly Subscription Cost For Rocktomic Is Not Inexpensive.

The price structure of Rocktomic is not inexpensive. When your company does not have any cash flow, having to pay at least $59 every month might be a significant strain.

Keep in mind that you will have other expenses such as software for developing your business, website hosting fees, advertising expenditures, and so on.

When you add all of this together, it will be difficult to even break even. Aside from the difficulties associated with Rocktomic, the dropshipping business model itself has some difficult concerns to resolve as well.

It is explained in detail in the next part as to why I do not advocate beginning a dropshipping business for novices.

The Following Are Three Reasons Why I Would Not Recommend Dropshipping.

1. There Is A Financial Risk.

If you are in the dropshipping company and do not rely on sponsored advertisements, you will have difficulty attracting customers to your store. You would need to run advertisements on social media sites such as Facebook in order to obtain market visibility. The cost of Facebook advertisements, on the other hand, has been steadily rising over the years.

If you want to start a dropshipping business, you will almost certainly have to invest more money on advertising. Ultimately, it will result in a net loss or, at the very least, a very little amount of net profit.

The Cost Of Facebook Ads Is High, And They Are Difficult To Manage.

After reviewing a large amount of data pertaining to dropshippers, I have determined that the overall cost of your Facebook advertising will account for at most 30% of your total sales.

The fact is that as more individuals use Facebook advertisements, your cost per transaction will eventually climb as well. As a result, you would need to boost your advertising budget in order to have your advertisement show on Facebook.

According to Forbes, the cost of Facebook advertising has increased by 90 percent year on year since 2012.

Even worse, the algorithm used by Facebook is difficult to anticipate. It changes on a regular basis. And, on occasion, the adjustment will cause problems with your high-performing advertisements. By that point, you’d have to pause the advertisement and try another one. All of these factors will contribute to an increase in your advertising costs.

3. Providing Customer Service Takes A Lot Of Time.

Dropshipping has a number of disadvantages, one of which is that you are quite inactive in terms of giving customer service. Because you do not have direct contact with the product, you are unable to give any significant assistance to consumers.

When there is a problem with a product or shipment, you can only rely on the provider to provide assistance. Alternatively, if the provider is unhelpful, you would be forced to repay your customer or face a chargeback or negative rating from the consumer.

That is one of the reasons why the majority of dropshipping businesses receive negative customer feedback and fail within a few months.

Is There A More Convenient And Improved Alternative To Rocktomic?

If you are new to the world of internet business, I offer a simpler and more effective solution for you.

Affiliate marketing is the term used to describe this practice. It is less difficult and time-consuming, making it an excellent choice for novices or those looking for a side hustle.

And the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest any money up front to get started. Because, unlike dropshipping, you are not required to conduct Facebook advertisements. Most significantly, you will avoid the hassle of interacting with after-sale customer support representatives.

When It Comes To Affiliate Marketing, How Much Can You Make?

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The following is a picture of a 21-year-old student from my #1 rated affiliate marketing training program. In just one week, he was able to earn $100K dollars. That equates to more than $40K 4 hours of time. In addition, he had no marketing expenses.

Wealthy Affiliate is the name of the platform on which this occurs. It’s been around for more than a decade now. Many members at Wealthy Affiliate have been successful in their attempts to leave their 9 to 5 occupations.

The following are some more heartwarming success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members to read.

What Is The Best Place To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a subscription-based website. You may sign up for a free account or upgrade to a premium membership to have access to all of the features available.

If you’d like to take a look around within Wealthy Affiliate, you may join up for the free starting membership by visiting this link (no credit card required). You have the option to continue as a free member if you so want.

As a free member, you will get access to the community, live chat, over 500 training courses, two classrooms, a keyword research tool, and the ability to create one free website of your choosing.

In order to determine whether or not it is a suitable fit for you, I strongly advise you to create a free account.

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