What Do You Think About My Biggest Wealthy Affiliate Complaints?.

In earlier articles, I conducted a complete evaluation of Wealthy Affiliate and discussed some of the scammy things that Wealthy Affiliate tries to boost sales. To begin, I’d want to discuss some of my major Wealthy Affiliate complaints.

I want to be completely honest with you, as I have in the past when writing about Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is where I make my living as an online marketer. My connections to Wealthy Affiliate, like this one, earn me a commission if you end up making a purchase after clicking on them.

Do you think that means I have a financial incentive to get you to join Wealthy Affiliate as well? That’s for sure!

Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate

There will be no sales pitch for Wealthy Affiliate in this post. Many individuals, like myself, aren’t happy with Wealthy Affiliate, therefore I can’t suggest it to everyone. It’s an excellent place to start if you’re considering signing up.

My Biggest Complaints With Wealthy Affiliate Is The Way They Advertise.

I’m going to presume that you’ve done some research on Wealthy Affiliate to see whether it’s worth signing up for, because you’re here. Google search results for “Wealthy Affiliate” are filled with extremely good feedback. Numerous websites are dedicated to the virtues of Wealthy Affiliate.

My greatest gripe with Wealthy Affiliate is this. In general, I enjoy Wealthy Affiliate, however they put a lot of emphasis on getting new members to provide glowing evaluations of the platform. They all score well in search results because of what Wealthy Affiliate truly accomplishes.

Searching “Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?” or “What is Wealthy Affiliate?” will only bring up favorable reviews. Wealthy Affiliate has been able to achieve this by using a marketing plan that I’ve outlined in greater detail here.

My greatest beef with Wealthy Affiliate isn’t even the program itself, but rather the way the service is advertised. All of the evaluations and search terms linked to Wealthy Affiliate are written by affiliate marketers that just care about making money.

The Wealthy Affiliate Activity Ranking System Requires Improvement.

The social component of Wealthy Affiliate is one of the things I appreciate most about it. For affiliate marketers, Wealthy Affiliate is basically one massive social media network in addition to hosting, keyword research tools, and training. It’s great to be able to connect with other website owners and brainstorm ideas with them.

A ranking is given to every member of Wealthy Affiliate, however, depending on the level of activity they exhibit in the community. In exchange for your dedication, rising through the ranks may bring you more rewards and advantages. Many individuals simply remark on things because they want to express their opinion, rather than because they actually have something worthwhile to say. They just care about being “active” in search results, and that’s all they care about.

A lot of people wind up making comments like “excellent work!” or “this was fascinating!” rather than contributing anything of value to the discussion. While I can see why a member rank system like this exists at Wealthy Affiliate, there are just too many low-quality comments from individuals who truly have nothing to say, just so they can rack up some bogus internet points and rise in the ranks.

The MMO (Make Money Online) Niche Is Heavily Promoted By Wealthy Affiliate To Newbies.

This is by far the biggest vexing issue I have with Wealthy Affiliate. When it comes to teaching individuals how to do keyword research and pick a fantastic niche industry in which to establish a website, Wealthy Affiliate performs an excellent job.

Because many novice affiliate marketers have a hard time choosing on a niche, Wealthy Affiliate takes advantage of this. If you can’t settle on a specialty, what do they recommend? Of course, spread the word about Wealthy Affiliate!

One of my main issues with Wealthy Affiliate Complaint is that rookie affiliate marketers aren’t capable of making money online. For starters, it’s quite difficult to rank for MMO keywords in search engine results. If you’ve never made any money online, you don’t have the right to provide advice on making money online. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is putting their own interests ahead of that of its members by attempting to entice new members to join.

As a result, it works effectively for them since Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent affiliate marketing scheme. Do your study on niches and industries outside of the earn money online area if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll have a far better chance of succeeding this time around.

There Is No Real Competition For Wealthy Affiliate.

A lot of programs and courses claim to teach you how to earn money online, but Wealthy Affiliate offers an all-in-one solution that is specifically tailored to individuals who want to become affiliate marketers. In my opinion, it would be beneficial for Wealthy Affiliate to have some competitors or a platform that competed with them. Aside from ClickBank’s Affiliate University, there aren’t any other resources available for teaching individuals how to become affiliate marketers. Solo Build It!, a business that’s somewhat comparable but on a lesser scale, is their main competitor, but they’re not even close.

For the most part, you won’t find all the features you’re looking for in other affiliate marketing programs. Some people may have excellent training, yet lack the necessary resources to succeed. Other people may have all of the resources you need, but they lack the necessary training. If there were other firms like Wealthy Affiliate, I’d like to see some competition.

The Refund Policy At Wealthy Affiliate Isn’t The Best.

Getting a refund should be simple if you’re giving a high-quality service, in my opinion. It’s not the case with Wealthy Affiliate, though. Once you subscribe to premium, there are no returns. Fortunately, there is a freemium model and you may sample Wealthy Affiliate without providing any financial information. Even though you have the option to pay monthly or yearly and may cancel your membership at any time, getting your money back once you pay isn’t always easy. Return requests are rare, but it has happened a few times, and some customers were quite frustrated that they couldn’t receive a refund on things they had purchased.

Become A Member Of Wealthy Affiliate For Free First, Then Upgrade To A Paid Membership.

No other program teaches novice affiliate marketers how to establish their own internet company better than Wealthy Affiliate, despite my criticisms. Although no product or service is perfect, the majority of members in the Wealthy Affiliate community say it’s worth the money since they have access to everything they need to run a successful online company at Wealthy Affiliate.

Do not pay anything until you have signed up for the free account at Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate does a lot of things right, and this is one of them. When you initially sign up, you are not required to provide any financial information. Upgrade to premium once you’ve used it for a week to see whether you like it. If you don’t want to risk anything, you may just walk away.

At Wealthy Affiliate, You May Receive Free One-To-One Coaching From Me.

As previously said, I’m a Wealthy Affiliate affiliate marketer. That does not imply that I do not enjoy the service or am unable to endorse it, just because I have a few problems.

Wealthy Affiliate memberships are also a big moneymaker for me. The following is a screenshot of the most recent payment from Wealthy Affiliate:

Making Money With Wealthy Affiliate - Latest Commission

In the beginning, I envisioned this site as a platform for the creation and sale of my own affiliate marketing training course. As it turns out, Wealthy Affiliate performs a better job of providing one-on-one tutoring than anybody else, and I can still help anyone who signs up through my affiliate link.

As soon as you click on one of my affiliate links, such as this one, I’ll know that you found me through one of my referral links and joined up with them. Everyone who joined up through my link will receive an automatic email from me informing them that I provide free coaching. We can start conversing in the Wealthy Affiliate site if you register for a free account using this link. As a bonus, you don’t have to pay for this.

In any event, I can’t say I have many complaints with Wealthy Affiliate. Overall, Wealthy Affiliate is a terrific product that I would suggest to even my closest friends and family. Although, there are a few small drawbacks that bother me.

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